Complete helicopter pilot training in Norway

Graduates from EHC are qualified for a career in any helicopter company in the world. Our complete flight training qualifies for a career as a global helicopter pilot in the offshore industry, search & rescue, air ambulance, sling load operations and so on. Welcome to Europe´s leading helicopter school.

First available course starts in August 2015; the next course after that is February 2016. Pre requirements for CPL(H)( commercial pilot license) or ATP(H)IR MCC( commercial pilot license with instrument rating and multi crew cooperation ) integrated course,1-2 year full time, are as follows:

You must be 18 or older. You must be in good health and obtain an approved medical certificate from the Institute of Aviation Medicine, and you must have normal vision (contact lenses and/or glasses with a strength of up to +/- 3 are acceptable). Admission itself can be taken online (to attend online, send mail to or at Sandefjord Airport Torp. You will have to take two entrance tests with elements of mathematics, physics, English and logic, respectively. A demo-flight in a helicopter is optional, NOK 2.900,- (You get the chance to try flying yourself!).

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European Helicopter Center offers IR(H)ME at a reduced rate.

European Helicopter Center offers IR(H)ME at a reduced rate.
Multi Engine Instrument + type rating AS355N.
40 hours simulator, 10 hours IR and 8 hours VFR training. 

We also conduct IR(H) conversions.

Click here for more information and sign up for the IR(H)ME at reduced rate