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IR(H) ME course (2 available seats)

april 29 @ 08:00 - juni 24 @ 17:00

Duration: 6-8 weeks.

Price: Updated price list 

Type rating EC135T2+ and IR(H)ME on the EC135T2+

  • 40 hours FSTD
  • 10 hours Helicopter IR in a ME helicopter
  • 8 hours VFR training type rating ME.
  • Training program total 18 hours helicopter and 40 hours simulator.
  • This includes technical course EC135T2+

NB! There is no VAT for training in Norway, so in other words, no hidden cost.

After course completion: you will get a EC135T2+ type rating and IR(H) on the EC135T2+


Pre requirement to begin IR(H)ME:

(in short, 70 hrs PIC and 50 hrs cross country PIC)

FCL.610 IR — Prerequisites and crediting Applicants for an IR shall:

(a) hold:

  • (1) at least a PPL in the appropriate aircraft category, and:
  • (i) the privileges to fly at night in accordance with FCL.810; or
  • (ii) an ATPL in another category of aircraft; or
  • (2) a CPL, in the appropriate aircraft category;
  • (b) have completed at least 50 hours of cross-country flight time as PIC in aeroplanes, helicopters or airships of which at least 10 or, in the case of airships, 20 hours shall be in the relevant aircraft category.
  • (c) Helicopters only. Applicants who have completed an ATP(H)/IR, ATP(H), CPL(H)/IR or CPL(H) integrated training course shall be exempted from the requirement in (b).

Type Ratings for helicopters – Section 4 Part H, Subpart 2


Single-pilot multi-engine helicopters. An applicant for the issue of a first type rating for a single-pilot multi-engine helicopter shall:

  • (1) before starting flight training:
  • (i) have passed the ATPL(H) theoretical knowledge examinations; or
  • (ii) hold a certificate of completion of a pre-entry course conducted by an ATO. The course shall cover the following subjects of the ATPL(H) theoretical knowledge course:
  • — Aircraft General Knowledge: airframe/systems/power plant, and instrument/electronics, — Flight Performance and Planning: mass and balance, performance;
  • (2) in the case of applicants who have not completed an ATP(H)/IR, ATP(H), or CPL(H)/IR integrated training course, have completed at least 70 hours as PIC on helicopter

We also have accommodation at EHC. The cost is aprox 4600,- per week or 12000,- NOK per month. (variations may occur)

We can tailor your training upon request. Example, if you have a rotation of 14/14.

If you have more questions, or want to sign up for the course, please contact


Peter Blom (Head of Training) /


april 29 @ 08:00
juni 24 @ 17:00


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